Horsemeat: ABP names McAdam as contaminated meat supplier

ABP has confirmed that some of the contaminated meat at its Silvercrest plant was purchased from Irish meat trader McAdam Food Service.

The company said it purchased 170 tonnes of Polish beef products from McAdams last year in “good faith”, adding that it had now discovered that horse DNA “originating in Poland” was present in some of these products.

“ABP Food Group continues to co-operate fully with the Competent Authorities in the investigation,” it said.

McAdam was named yesterday by Freeza Meats as the owner of meat stored on its premises which was contained as much as 80% horse meat. It has also been linked to the contamination at Rangeland Foods, which was forced to suspend production after raw material at the plant was found to contain 75% horse DNA.

In a statement released to press on Tuesday, McAdam confirmed that it had supplied Rangeland Foods and said it had purchased the contaminated beef from Poland “on the basis of their being ordered, documented, labelled and understood to be beef, and nothing else”. It added that it was confident it would be “fully exonerated” of any wrongdoing.

“The company, its management and staff are shocked and astonished to discover that equine content has been identified in products which have been imported and supplied through McAdam Foods,” it said.

According to local press, the company's owner Martin McAdam's home was raided yesterday by Irish police and special investigators from Ireland's Department of Agriculture.

Items seized included laptops, USB sticks and other electronic records.

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