NSA calls for new alliance of farmers’ organisation
Published:  18 February, 2013

Chairman of the National Sheep Association (NSA), claims the government must build, and not cut, investment in policy infrastructure and regulatory enforcement activities.

John Geldard has accused the government of failing to listen, commenting: “It is clear that the farmer’s voice is not being heard well enough by the government and farming ministers, yet we are the foundation of the food supply chain, without whom the consumer would be hungry.

“The horsemeat scandal and lack of farming consultation in finding solutions and future-proofing secure food supplies shows existing communication between farmers and government is inadequate. I see this as the catalyst to create a new alliance of farmer organisations that can support government in meeting our future food challenges.”

Geldard added that it was a “shameful disgrace” that, last January, the government failed to support UK egg producers on the ban on battery cages and, this year, failed to implement and protect pig producers regarding sow stalls.

He urged the farming industry to “stand up and present our own case to protect both ourselves and UK consumers”.

Geldard has invited major UK farming organisations and unions to a summit meeting, currently planned for London next week.

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