Majority of adults fear having eaten horse

The majority of UK adults think it is possible they have eaten horsemeat as a result of the contamination scandal, according to a recent survey.

Usurv asked 1,000 adults in the UK aged 18+ about their fears of having eaten horsemeat, their attitudes to packaged meat and fast food restaurants.

Sixty-three per cent of the adults surveyed said they think it is possible that they have eaten horse meat, and 41% of the respondents will visit fast food restaurants less often as a result.

“In a country where many people think it is abhorrent, this is clearly going to impact people’s behaviour,” said director of Usurv Guy Potter. “Trust has been eroded in so many aspects of life – MPs, journalists, bankers. Now it seems even food cannot be trusted.”

According to the survey, burgers are being hit the hardest by the scandal, with 35% of people claiming they will eat fewer of them.

One in five claim they will avoid the Great British sausage to go with their fry-up. Those under 30 seem least affected by the scandal, as 66% claim their “purchasing habits will not change”. This goes down to 54% for those over 40.

There has been no evidence to suggest that horsemeat has gone into the fast food supply chain. However, Potter said: “The impact of this scandal is far-reaching and it looks as if even those who have always served 100% beef are not going to escape the impact.”


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