‘Breed 3’ initiative launched by Bpex to help wean more pigs

Bpex aims to help pig producers wean more pigs, as British producers are showing efficiency at finishing pigs, but are not producing enough.

The initiative was launched to help the industry manage its output and costs to reach its Two-Tonne Show (2TS) target.

Forty per cent of the British breeding herd are outdoors, but the number of pigs born and weaned has increased by a mere half a pig per sow year in Britain since 2006.

As a result, Bpex has launched a new ‘Breed + 3’ initiative in a bid to help each herd wean an extra three pigs per sow year.

Bpex knowledge transfer manager Lis Ravn said: "The aim is to help every producer move towards an extra three pigs per sow per year weaned, whether they are currently about average, at 23 pigs weaned, or if they’re already at 27 and want to get to 30.

"We have identified some priorities to help achieve this. Keeping performance records and, importantly, spending time understanding the data is something that high-performing businesses have in common – as is doing all the ‘small’ daily things to a high standard, which is where training and skills development help too.

"All businesses, including the top performers, need to keep monitoring how they are doing and keep their finger on the pulse."


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