National Butchers’ Week is almost here

National Butchers’ Week is getting under way and it has already given some butchers coverage in the media.

A recent article on The Independent’s website proves how strong the week is and what it can do to boost media coverage in the trade.

And to bring things a little closer to home, will be catching up with two female butchers to see how they got into the trade and to find out what they will be doing to celebrate #NBW13.

Other butchers across the country, including Glossop-based butcher John Mettrick, will be inviting primary schoolchildren into the shop to make sausages. Mettrick said: “But additionally this year, I think it’s important to show them what goes into a beef burger. With the recent horsemeat saga and the positive publicity butcher shave been getting, now – more than ever – is the time to remind the consumer that the local butcher is the most trusted source for their meat.”

Meanwhile, Malcome Pyne, who runs Pyne’s of Somerset, said he will be bringing customers into the business to look behind the scenes. He said: “We have planned tours from the back of the shop, because we’ve got quite an extensive system here. We're doing little tours of the manufacturing of sausages, burgers and so on from start to finish.”

Halal butcher Yousuf Mulla is planning on bringing in local media to market his business. He said: “I’ve booked a page in our local paper, the Asian Express, which has a good readership in and around several local towns.”

And Enniskillen butcher Patrick O’Doherty will be giving the week a high-tech edge by doing a video project and a Q&A session on meat matters. He said: “We are also doing a roadshow and are planning in-house activities with kick-offs, samplings and a meaty party atmosphere.”

Visit the website, send a tweet to @ButchersWeek or drop us an email or phone call to let us know what you’re doing this National Butchers Week – we most certainly want to hear from you.

Remember #NBW13 runs from 4-10 March and it’s all for you.


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