Scotch Beef brand trusted, finds survey

Scottish consumers have a high level of trust in the Scotch Beef brand, an independent survey commissioned by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has shown.

According to the organisation, the results revealed that more people are buying local beef, with almost half of those surveyed (47%) saying that buying local beef was more of a priority now than it was in mid-January.

The survey, carried out online by YouGov from 15-18 February, questioned 1,094 adults in Scotland. It showed 14% of Scots were aware of the Scotch Beef logo now and trusted the brand more now than they did before the horsemeat issue reared its head.

Furthermore, 67% said their trust in Scotch Beef had stayed unchanged compared to one month ago and 47% said they now viewed buying local beef as more important, but 37% said it was neither more or less important. Eleven per cent said they would never buy local beef.

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochead said Scotch Beef was widely recognised as a quality product and said the survey clearly demonstrated that.

“One positive outcome from the horsemeat issues is that people are now thinking more carefully about the provenance of the beef they purchase, and eating quality-assured Scotch Beef is providing the reassurance that many people are rightly looking for,” he added.

QMS chairman Jim McLaren welcomed the results and said: “The good news is these results give a clear indication that consumers in Scotland continue to have a high level of trust in the Scotch Beef brand.

“This is a clear indication that there is a good level of understanding among shoppers of what the Scotch Beef brand stands for in terms of world-leading traceability and quality.

“Our industry has made a major commitment to quality assurance from farm to processor and this puts our brands in a strong position at a time like this.”


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