FSAI publishes horsemeat results

Twenty-nine samples out of 957 have tested positive for equine DNA, it was revealed after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) published its first results of industry tests today.

The tests proved that the 29 samples testing positive for horsemeat represented a mere seven products that have already been known to the public and have been withdrawn previous to these tests.

A total 928 samples of the tested products, including beef burgers, beef meal products, minced beef and prepared products in which beef is an ingredient, showed no traces of horsemeat.

The European Commission has asked each member state to “put official control plans in place for sampling and testing for the presence of horse DNA in foods marketed and labelled as containing beef”.

The Commission has also requested one sample for every 50 tonnes of horsemeat to be tested for bute, which will be coordinated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The FSAI further explained that, in Ireland, “50 samples of beef products will be taken by the inspectorate between 1 and 31 March for the survey”.

The products tested were carried out by the food industry and taken from a range of suppliers, caterers, processors, manufacturers and retailers.

The majority of the testing focused on products where beef was a main ingredient, and therefore left out products such as stock cubes and dripping. These products will not be tested at this stage, as the testing is more complicated and the meat content in these products is low.


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