British Sandwich Association promotes bacon sarnie

The British Sandwich Association (BSA) is promoting a ‘bacon sarnie’ as its new sandwich of the month for its ‘Love Sarnies! Love Bacon!’ theme.

Master Chef and author Tom Bridge has created a ‘crispy bacon sarnie’ recipe for the promotion to encourage consumers to go to their local sandwich bars for a bacon sandwich.

It is one of the nation’s favourite foods that can either be enjoyed at home or out, and the BSA has teamed up with Bpex’s Red Tractor Bacon campaign offering customers a chance to win Tesco vouchers worth £100.


1 soft white breakfast roll or cinnamon roll.

Best butter

4 thin slices of naturally cured British bacon


1. Pre-heat the oven grill.

2. With a pair of scissors or sharp knife, cut along the fat side of the bacon to stop the bacon curling.

3. Place the bacon onto a grill for approximately 4 minutes either side until golden crisp.

4. Meanwhile, toast the breakfast bun and butter lightly on both sides.

5. Place the bacon onto the toasted breakfast bun and serve. I always use brown sauce for bacon and tomato for sausages.

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