Horsemeat: IKEA puts wieners back on sale

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has recently resumed sales of its wiener sausages after further tests were negative for horse DNA.

The wieners were pulled from sale across Europe last month after horse DNA was found in them and the company’s meatballs.

An IKEA statement said: "We do not tolerate any other ingredients than the ones stipulated in our recipes or product specifications."

The company also said that its supplier had found a suspected source for the horse DNA discovered in the meatballs, but said the meat used for the wieners did not come from this source.

IKEA added: "Our supplier (Dafgård) does not produce meatballs and sausages on the same production line and the sub-suppliers of the meat raw materials are not the same. The meat raw material in the wiener sausages has never been supplied by the suspected sub-supplier.

The sale stop for meatballs is still valid. We are closely following our supplier’s actions to find the root cause of presence of horse meat in meatballs."


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