First and second phase of beef DNA testing published

The FSA has finished the first and second phases of a UK-wide beef products survey and published the results today.

Two products in phase one contained levels of pig DNA above 1%, however, no products have been verified as containing horse DNA at or above the threshold.

However, preliminary tests showed that seven samples, which represented six different products, may contain horse DNA above 1% and a further three may contain pig DNA above 1%. Although, the FSA has said further checks are needed to verify this and it will publish details as soon as possible.

Phase two revealed one product as containing pig DNA levels above 1%, with none containing horse DNA above the threshold. However, full results of phase two are waiting to be received.

The three products discovered to contain pig DNA above 1% were:

  • ASDA Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • ASDA Beef Cannelloni
  • Apetito Beef Lasagne

Asda has withdrawn the products from sale, while Apetito has indicated that almost all of its products will have been served, however, unused stock can be sent back to them, they said.

In an unrelated statement to customers yesterday, Asda said: "We want you, our customers, to have complete confidence in the food you buy at Asda. The events in the last few weeks concerning contamination of some meat products have shocked us as much as we know they’ve shocked you.

"As you know, we have taken a belt and braces approach, testing hundreds of products over the last few weeks and removing products from shelves as a precaution.

"We can confirm that we have now completed all the tests we were asked to carry out by the FSA, but we have decided to go above and beyond and continue to do the right thing by testing further products," read more.

Local authorities are investigating each case where a product is suspected of containing horse or pig above 1% and have taken steps to ensure that the product is withdrawn from sale pending confirmation of the test results.


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