Monitor farmer acknowledges benefit to business

A Caithness monitor farmer has stepped down from the programme after having an “overwhelmingly positive” experience.

According to Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), which spearheads the monitor farm projects: “It was very much a step into the unknown three years ago when Caithness farmer Johnny MacKenzie agreed for his holding to be the focus of the then farthest north monitor farm.”

However, MacKenzie said exposing the detail of his farming practices and management to his peers and agricultural specialists was not something he had entered into lightly. But he said he had come through the process “wiser” and that he has no regrets about having signed up to do it.

“The meetings firstly brought farmers together on a social side. It was good to have a chat and see what other farmers were doing, to share experiences and overcome problems. We certainly found that the saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is true and it has helped,” MacKenzie said.

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