New meat industry qualifications

Food and Drink Qualifications (FDQ) has launched a new set of specialist qualifications for the meat industry, covering knife skills, VRQ butchery and multi-skills.

The knife skills qualification is important for insurance purposes and making sure employees and learners have been trained correctly to handle knives safely.

VRQ butchery is aimed at young people at a further education college. The students will be given an opportunity to study butchery before a potential butchery apprenticeship or employment in the sector.

This qualification is important for developing skills and knowledge and to prepare young people to enter the sector with the right skills.

As the meat industry can be a multi-skilled environment, the counter qualifications are intended to tackle this by teaching preparing, cooking and presenting of meat products and foods/meals containing meat.

The FDQ has been lobbied for a number of years to develop these qualifications, which will build and recognise certain meat-specific skills and knowledge.

For more information and to sign up, email or call 0113 3970 395.


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