Second politician backs pudding protection

A Labour MSP has become the second Scottish politician to back a butchers' campaign to get Stornoway Black Pudding special European regional protection.

Rhoda Grant, who represents the Highland and the Islands, joins calls by SNP MEP Alyn Smith to grant the delicacy EU recognition.

Grant said: "This campaign has already attracted enormous interest with over 1,500 signatures being collected.

"There are four butchers in Stornoway who produce the black pudding, which is acknowledged as a quality product to such an extent that it is copied by butchers on the mainland and is referred to as 'Stornoway style' black pudding."

Grant accompanied butcher Iain MacLeod to a meeting with the EU Commission's director general for Agriculture and Rural Development to discuss geographical protection for the product.

Grant added: "The benefits of geographical protection are that the pudding can't be copied and the brand's profile will be ensured and protected.

"It will also give the butchers concerned the opportunity to raise their profile and hopefully expand into new markets."

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