Horsemeat: Brits trust British food to be of quality

A new report has shown that one in two British consumers now feel British food is better-quality than other imported food.

The research by Mintel revealed that British origin was increasingly important to consumers, and that 49% of shoppers (an increase of 9% since December) agreed that the quality of British food was better than imported food.

However, a staggering 68% of British consumers said it was hard to know when food really is British, which is an increase of 11% since December.

Seventy-four per cent of consumers believed it was the duty of retailers to support British farmers and growers, an increase of 6% since December.

When asked about factors that could influence the choice of food and non-alcoholic drinks, British origin was the most important for 34% of respondents.

Senior food and drink analyst Amy Price said: “The importance of food being British has leapt in popularity in the wake of the horsemeat scandal. The food industry is likely to feel the effects for some time, with consumers taking a greater interest in British and local origin and a more proactive stance on questioning the provenance of their food. The horsemeat scandal has re-affirmed consumers’ faith in the quality of British-produced food.”

Traceability is of concern to a mere 14% of shoppers, despite the horsemeat scandal, but this figure has risen from 6% since December.

“Even in the aftermath of the horsemeat scare, traceability as a key choice factor is far behind British origin, for example. This indicates that British origin is seen by consumers to provide the most effective shortcut to reassurance, when considering various food issues,” added Price.


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