Bid to end swine dysentery

The Bpex Pig Health Improvement Project (PHIP) will this year be focusing on eliminating swine dysentery, due to economic losses and the potential death of pigs.

Producers have requested this focus as the infection can spread rapidly through herds and can lead to severe economic losses.

Despite swine dysentery being highly contagious, there are simple measures that can be taken to prevent re-infection.

Bpex veterinary projects manager Helen Clarke believes there is potential to make huge progress towards eliminating the infection if certain principles are followed.

She claimed: "A consistently high standard of cleaning and disinfection (C&D) builds the foundations for any disease control programme. Itís an extremely effective way to break the on-farm cycle of re-infection with diseases like swine dysentery."

More than 20 PHIP groups across the country will assist producers in the elimination process. Clarke urged producers to contact Bpex and discuss the issue before the next group meetings.


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