Sainsbury’s outperforms the market

Sainsbury’s has shown year-on-year growth of 6.2%, almost double the total market growth of 3.9%.

The figures come from Kantar Worldpanel’s latest grocery share figures for the 12 weeks ending 17 March 2013, which also showed Waitrose (12.5%) and Aldi (30.8%) as the two supermarkets with the highest percentage growth for the 12-week period.

Kantar analyst Fraser McKevitt explained that market polarisation had continued unabated, with Waitrose and Aldi holding the record shares. "Austerity and provenance are the key factors behind the varying retailer performances this month," he said. McKevitt added that continued pressure on household budgets had helped Aldi, Lidl and Iceland to record market-beating growths, while the evasion of the horsemeat scandal has helped Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

Meanwhile, Asda has held on to its record 17.9% share, but Tesco and Morrisons have felt a drop in their shares.

Tesco’s Price Promise promotion, which distributes coupons to shoppers at the tills, is hoped to have a positive impact and Morrisons is aiming to plug its home-delivery gap this year. "These strategies are expected to help boost the retailers’ performances going forward," said McKevitt.

Key Figures

Market shares 12 weeks to 26.03.13

  • Tesco 29.4%
  • Asda 17.9%
  • Sainbury’s 16.9%
  • Morrisons 11.7%
  • Waitrose 4.8%
  • Aldi 3.3%
  • Lidl 2.9%
  • Iceland 2.1%


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