Red Tractor reviews pig standards
Published:  04 April, 2013

A review of the Red Tractor Pig Standards began last week, as a team of varied backgrounds and skills met for the first time to discuss how to improve them.

The group, which includes producers, vets, representatives from the National Pig Association (NPA) and Bpex, as well as the chairman and secretariat of the Red Tractor Pigs Scheme, will establish the state of the scheme at the moment.

The review group has been established by the Red Tractor Pig Scheme in a bid to make it more efficient and effective, and will identify both the useful and more redundant standards.

It will review individual standards, guidance and appendices, core and non-core standards, types of standards and sanctions for not complying.

The Red Tractor Pig Scheme chairman Mike Sheldon said: “The group has taken on a big task: they will be forensically examining the current standards line by line and testing each and every standard to ensure they are clear in terms of what is required; whether they add value to the producer; and whether they stand up to external scrutiny by maintaining integrity and rigour are cost-effective and efficient.

“In the light of the recent introduction of welfare outcome measures to the Scheme, it is right that we revisit all the standards to identify whether the new welfare outcome assessments might remove the need for the annual assessment of some existing welfare input standards,” he added.

Pleased by having such a varied team reviewing the standards, Sheldon said he was confident the group would help the scheme evolve in the right direction.

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