Renewable energy for young poultry farmers

Young members of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and ABN’s Poultry Industry Programme have been taught how to use renewable energy in their businesses, in a visit to Norfolk.

Experts from technology company BHSL and solar panel firms Red Energy and Windcrop gave the young producers a lesson on how to use a wind turbine to transform chicken litter into renewable energy.

The solar arrays, a wind turbine built for the event, was showcased at Nigel Joice’s Uphouse Farm and aimed to provide the young poultry farmers with useful knowledge for their businesses.

NFU poultry adviser Chris Dickinson said: "The wider farming industry faces a number of challenges and renewable energy is just one example, but it also provides a number of opportunities."

Richard Moody, general manager of Windcrop’s Yorkshire office, believes renewable energy will help young producers to improve their businesses.

He said: "Having already worked with poultry farmers across the UK, we are proud to be involved in inspiring a new generation. Using farmland and facilities to generate on-site, environmentally-friendly energy not only helps to cut the carbon footprint but also reduces costs and can provide an additional source of revenue.


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