More horsemeat found in burgers
Published:  09 April, 2013

A new round of horsemeat has been found in two burgers from separate manufacturers, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has reported today.

Burgers purchased from Nefyn Pizza & Kebab House in Gwynedd, manufactured by the Burger Manufacturing Company (BMC) and Pig Out in Walsall, manufactured by King Fry Meat Products, were found to contain equine DNA at 1% or more.

The new findings were part of the remaining five tests in the FSA’s sampling programme, which was launched in the wake of the horsemeat scandal. Two more samples tested by the FSA came back negative, with equine DNA at below 1%.

None of the four sampled burgers were found to contain the veterinary drug bute or pig DNA. All five burgers sampled were already withdrawn from sale following the first round of results.

Meanwhile, consumers are showing slightly less concern when it comes to purchasing processed meat now, compared with when the horsemeat scandal broke, according to new figures by Kantar Worldpanel.

Two months after Kantar initially questioned consumers about changing shopping behaviour as a result of the scandal, consumers seem to have become less concerned with processed meat.

The survey, carried out two months ago, proved that 53% of consumers felt the scandal would change their shopping habits; however, this number dropped to a slightly lower 51.5% as the scandal has started to fade from the media.

But while consumers said that scandal was less likely to affect their purchasing of processed meats, 16% said they would buy more locally sourced meat, compared to 13% two months ago.

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