Horsemeat: FSA board to commission response review
Published:  11 April, 2013

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to commission a review into its own handling of the meat contamination issues here in the UK.

According to a paper issued ahead of the FSA’s next board meeting on 17 April, the review will look at the organisation’s response into the incidents that saw the adulteration of comminuted beef products with horse- and pigmeat, as well as respective DNA.

The paper stated that a reviewer, which is still to be named, would report to the board and would conduct a report of the FSA’s actions surrounding the horse- and pigmeat issues. The report will also be made available to other reviews and will be a public document.

Unrestricted access will be given to the reviewer, who will be able to view all of the documents, emails and other records held by the FSA on the issue. "The reviewer will also have access to FSA board members and officials, and the secretariat will aim to secure access to any external people or organisations with views or information relevant to the scope of the review," the letter said.

Findings will be presented to the board at its open meeting on 4 June this year and a formal report will be issued to the FSA by the end of the same month for publication.

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