Horsemeat: Greece makes 36 discoveries

Greek authorities have revealed that 36 meat products recently tested positive for horse DNA.

Testing was carried out after up to 50% horsemeat was discovered in some processed meat products last month.

The results, issued earlier this week, marked the completion of the Hellenic Food Authority’s (EFET) first round of testing for horse DNA in Greek meat products. A total of 288 samples were tested from 349 facilities and, out of the 36 positive results, two of those came from raw beef products and 34 from processed meat products.

The positive horse DNA results led EFET to test for the veterinary drug phenylbutazone, also known as bute. Twenty-four products tested negative for the drug, while 12 are still being analysed.

EFET said: “For all batches of food products that have been found positive in horse DNA and for the companies involved, procedures are already being followed with respect to what the European and national legislation recommends, both relating to administrative as well as to criminal consequences for each relevant food incident.”


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