NFU urges caterers to buy British

Source British produce, the National Farmers' Union (NFU) has told British caterers as part of a post-horsemeat scandal campaign.

The campaign, entitled ‘Buy British’, aims to rebuild consumer confidence in quality and traceability after the scandal that shook consumer trust.

NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond has urged organisations to check the sourcing of its caterers.

He said: "It is hugely important that we lead by example when we call on consumers to ‘Buy British’. We have received overwhelming support for our #Buybritish campaign in recent months and for those farmers that have suffered huge lamb losses during the recent snow storms."

NFU catering manager Pauline Pentland serves more than 150 employees at the NFU headquarters in Warwickshire. She said: "It’s every caterer’s dream to be able to buy the very best meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, chutneys and more, because of the quality and traceability of the produce.

"The staff here really do appreciate the exceptional quality of the food, which we respect by using healthy cooking methods to provide varied and balanced meals," she added.

The campaign aims to tackle the complexity of the food chain, especially in overseas products.

Pentland claimed: "It wasn’t hard to find local suppliers – the key is to have the full support of the organisation that you are catering for and I have that with the NFU, as it is committed to promoting British and locally-sourced produce.

The NFU is also encouraging other organisations with catering provisions to source British farmed food. Pentland claims the model is easy to follow for in-house caterers and, along with the NFU, she says other organisations are welcome to visit the NFU operation to learn from its model.


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