Report shows improved beef carcase quality

The quality of British prime beef carcases improved slightly in 2012, with 51% of carcases meeting target market specification.

The data was taken from a sample of 400,000 prime cattle, classified over the UK in 2012 by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development board (AHDB), and was released by Eblex yesterday (16 April).

Compared to 2011, this is a 2% improvement, which was especially seen in the case of young bull carcases. In this case, the ‘R4L or better’ classification increased from 53% to 57%.

However, the proportion of cattle slaughtered in the UK, being selected at an appropriate level of finish, at 87%, has remained steady since 2011.

Additionally, prime beef carcase weights have risen to the heaviest they have ever been, up between 6kg and 9kg across all classes to average 337kg. This could be due to breeding for increased growth rates, in addition to other factors.


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