Sainsbury’s opens Britain’s greenest convenience store

Sainsbury’s has opened what it claims is Britain’s most environmentally friendly convenience store in Haslucks Green, Solihull.

By using solar panels, double glazing, natural refrigeration, LED lighting and recycled materials, the retailer said its new shop was paving the way for green convenience stores.

Sainsbury’s head of sustainability, engineering and energy Paul Crewe said: “It has been a great achievement to fit all of this technology into such a small store. Each one has been selected to help us reduce our environmental impact and achieve reduced carbon and energy savings.”

The shop, which was a former tanning salon and metal fabricators workshop, is seen as important for Sainsbury’s target of reducing 30% of carbon emissions by 2020.

“We will be monitoring its performance closely over the coming months and hope it will provide an important blueprint for future Sainsbury’s Local stores,” Crewe added.

It has also created 25 new jobs and has announced it will support local charitable organisations and community groups.

Last year, Sainsbury’s announced that the growth of its shops could result in 10,000 new jobs over the next three years, and in 2012/2013 it opened up 87 new stores.


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