Special chicken breed firm sold

Kabir International, which specialises in coloured chickens for niche markets around the world, has been acquired by Cobb Europe from Italian company Avizoo.

Cobb says its acquisition will put it in a strong position to supply the coloured and alternative chicken markets in the future, particularly following the purchase of Hybro last year and its strategic partnership with Sasso.

Cobb Europe managing director Steve Parsons said: "With our pool of Hybro and Kabir, along with the Sasso colour genetics, we have a unique opportunity to find the best product combinations for current and future market opportunities.

"The acquisition could also provide further opportunities within our portfolio of white broilers, as we have established that certain Kabir genes are showing a potential that could be beneficial to the Cobb white broiler breeding programme."

The Kabir breed was originally established in Israel and the gene pool includes a number of pure lines used to provide a range of products with specific coloured and naked neck characteristics. The chickens are typically grown to 80 to 90 days of age to enhance meat quality and flavour.

Avizoo, a leader in the Italian coloured broiler market, has said it will continue to supply Kabir products to the market despite the sale.

Dr Stefano Pollarini, Avizoo company head, said: "I firmly believe there are many opportunities for Kabir's current product range and for its test products to find a key place in the increasingly welfare-conscious chicken markets across the world.

"I am delighted that Cobb has recognised this potential. I am confident that, under their stewardship and global guidance, the Kabir breed will go from strength to strength."

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