MTC open to training suggestions

The Meat Training Council (MTC) has announced plans to set aside a substantial amount of money to fund training initiatives for people in the meat trade.

The MTC has created a fund worth £250,000 for individuals, companies or training providers who come up with schemes or ideas to help build a better-trained workforce.

MTC CEO Bill Jermey said: "This is a new scheme and we hope it lasts for many years. Our aim is to add to the fund on an annual basis to help keep the momentum going and secure a successful workforce in the industry."

Any idea sent to the MTC will be considered both on its merits and in accordance with charity law.

Jermey added: "The meat industry is always competing with other sectors to recruit staff and retain them. Training is definitely one way to help motivate staff and encourage them to take pride in their work, as well as being an essential tool in reducing costs, so we would like to hear from individuals or organisations that have got some innovative ideas on how we could achieve this."

Initial submissions are asked to be sent to: The Meat Training Council Fund Trustees, PO Box 141, Winterhill House, Snowdon Drive, Milton Keynes, MK6 1YY.

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