NPA wants increased domestic production

The National Pig Association (NPA) wants to see a renewal of the UK pig industry with an increase in domestic production.

To tackle this issue, UK farmers will have to replace and modernise current buildings, making them more efficient to increase production, said the organisation. Renewal will also mean more environmentally-friendly farming, to uphold the UK’s reputation as one of the world’s highest-welfare pig production countries.

Currently Britain produces 40% of its own pork and pork products, but the NPA wants to see this figure rise to 50%. However, it fears that opposition to planning applications for new pig units could stand in the way of progress. The association is urging concerned local residents to speak directly to farmers who are planning developments in their area to discuss any concerns.

General manager of the NPA Dr Zoe Davies said: “We understand that some people would like to see a return to smaller-scale subsistence farming and we respect their right to express this view. And we understand some groups may feel a need to create alarm in order to raise funds, but we do ask that they refrain from misrepresenting modern commercial husbandry, which has much to commend it in terms of economic viability, protection of the environment and animal welfare.”


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