Poultry remains best value meat

Poultry prices have had the slowest increase of 35 different food categories over the last two decades, and remains the best value healthy meat this year.

A new analysis by the British Poultry Council (BPC) showed that poultry prices had only increased at half the average rate. The analysis further showed that poultry prices had risen by 30.9% since April 1993, which is an average annual increase of 1.5%, despite the retail price index having gone up 76.9% over the past twenty years.

Comparatively, in the same time period, lamb prices have risen 108.7%, fish by 96.1%, pork by 95.3% and beef by 50.8%.

Additionally, research by Shelter revealed that if food costs and house prices had risen at the same rate since 1971, a roast chicken would now cost £51.

BPC chief executive Peter Bradnock said: “Over the past twenty years in my role I have seen the poultry meat sector change dramatically. It is a dynamic and fast-paced modern food industry committed to improving efficiency throughout the production process. In 2013, chicken remains the best value healthy meat for families in the UK. I am confident that the industry will continue to go from strength to strength.”


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