Ram certificates introduced
Published:  09 May, 2013

EBLEX’s Better Returns Programme and Signet Breeding Services have introduced certificates that will help ram buyers identify the stock with the best genetics.

The certificates will be issued for those flocks that have been measured by Signet’s accredited ultrasound technicians, and will show the number of male and female lambs that have been measured as well as the number of management groups in which they are reared. This will allow ram buyers to more accurately assess the robustness of the Estimated Breeding Values produced for the flock, the degree to which breeders have invested in data collection and ultimately identify the best stock.

EBLEX breeding specialist Samuel Boon said: “The demand for performance-recorded rams is on the rise and everyone recognises the value of data collection. Breeders involved in CT scanning their lambs will also be provided with certification that they can use at ram sales to promote their animals. It will also help ram buyers to source high-performing rams from flocks pro-actively measuring their lambs via ultrasound and CT scanning services – a win, win for breeders and buyers.”

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