Site is 'pork-free' Paragon MD says

Paragon Quality Foods Ltd, the company accused yesterday of supplying pork-tainted halal lamb burgers to schools, has said its site is a pork free one.

“We have been informed by a customer that a halal lamb burger produced by Paragon Quality Foods Ltd has tested positive for the presence of pork,” managing director Metin Pekin said in a statement issued to today.

He insisted that the company had provided information to the relevant enforcement authorities about the traceability of the frozen lamb burgers, which tested positive for pork DNA yesterday in Leicester.

Pekin further stated that public analysts at Doncaster Borough council, where the manufacturing site is based, had conducted “unannounced” and formal sampling of Paragon’s products on two occasions with “clear results”.

“We are working with Doncaster Borough Council on a daily basis to provide all information requested. They are fully satisfied with our practices and procedures. At present we are awaiting the results of further testing conducted by the relevant authorities, therefore we have no further comment at this time”, Pekin concluded.


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