Foul play suspected in pork contamination case

“Foul play” could be at the centre of the discovery of up to 50% pork DNA discovered in a halal lamb burger in a Leicester school last week.

The city council confirmed to the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) that a DNA test on the burger revealed that it could contain between 10% and 50% pork – the product was made by Doncaster-based Paragon Quality Foods.

The council director responsible for school meals Trevor Pringle said: “We have only received the DNA test result for one burger to date and we shared this figure with the FMO early on in our investigation.

“This result indicated between 10% and 50% pork content. To get a better understanding of this, and to support enforcement action, we have asked for more burgers from different batches to be analysed. We expect those to be back sometime next week. We are clear, however, that any level of pork content in this product is unacceptable and this has informed our approach.”

However, Pringle also explained that analysts had said the lower end of the result was a more reliable figure, but said the council wanted to be certain.

A spokesperson from Paragon was not available to answer questions at the time this story was written. However, technical managing director Mark Linwood said in a statement last week: “Paragon Quality Foods is a pork free site and has never knowingly bought or handled pork.

“We have carried out a full traceability of the product in question and have provided this information to the relevant enforcement authorities.”


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