Gourmet Burger Kitchen launches on-pack messages

All About Food is due to launch a new on-pack message for its Gourmet Burger Kitchen range to increase consumer trust in the wake of the horsemeat scandal.

The move follows research released by All About Food, which indicated that 18% of consumers have swapped the chilled meat category for butchers and farm shops.

All About Food marketing director Declan Lockett said: “British consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and are more aware of the origins of their food, even before the horsemeat scandal broke. The controversy earlier this year only fuelled that fire and resulted in consumers favouring what they see as ‘safer’ options with smaller, local producers.”

The new messages will state that the beef in the burgers is 100% British and of high meat content, which has been two of the most important issues for the consumer, said the company.

Surprised by the new findings, Declan added: “Our independent research found that meat content of the burger is the number one purchase driver for consumers, ahead of even price, which is a particularly surprising finding. While price may have been more of a deciding factor this time last year, consumers would rather invest more cash now as reassurance that they are eating quality meat from a reliable source.”

The on-pack messages will be available from spring 2013.


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