Could maggots boost livestock feed in EU?

Livestock could be fed maggots in order to boost meat availability in the EU, it has been revealed.

The EU is experimenting with maggots, as part of the solution to a growing and meat-hungry population. Flies will be reared on an industrial scale, fed on a diet of cow, pig and chicken manure, before maggot farmers harvest their protein-rich young to use in animal feed.

A trial is being carried out to test whether this is a viable option or not and to see if maggots could take the place of soy in high-protein feeds for pork and chicken.

Such a ‘solution’ could help with the utilisation of animal and vegetable waste and has been likened to projects that see beef in Scotland fed on grain waste from whisky distilleries.

However, the project is experimental and would require the EU to pass a law, as it is illegal to rear food animals on feed containing maggots.


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