Horsemeat hits UK beef imports

Beef imports were down by 17% during March because of the horsemeat scandal, information in Eblex’s Cattle Weekly shows.

The information said there had been a fall of almost a third in frozen product, as this was more closely linked with the contamination scandal.

Eblex said: “When looking at the suppliers to the UK market, it is those countries associated with horsemeat that were affected to a greater extent.” As a result imports from Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland were all lower on the year.

However, Eblex said the countries not implicated in the scandal had recorded either an increase in exports or small falls, and “volumes from Spain and Brazil in particular were much higher,” it said.

Meanwhile, exports of beef from the UK were also affected and Eblex said: “While this will have been partly due to lower production (-6%), the evidently robust consumer demand and increased requirements for domestic assured cattle will have meant supplies available for export were lower.”


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