Buy British campaign push

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is pushing a ‘Buy British’ campaign onto farmers and urging them to "fly the flag" up and down the country this summer.

According to the NFU the #buybritish campaign is set to take over the countryside and will also have a strong Red Tractor focus.

NFU president Peter Kendall claimed the campaign was a "fantastic opportunity" to promote British produce and said: "Farmers have continually produced great British food, despite facing incredibly challenging weather and economic pressures in the last 12 months, and this campaign is a bid to keep up support from British consumers."

Also supporting the campaign, chairman of the National Pig Association (NPA) Richard Longthorp said: "With all the shortcomings that the horsegate debacle exposed in some supply chains, we now need to press home hard the message to consumers that British food can be trusted and has the full and functioning traceability systems to back that up. Banner campaigns, as the NPA has seen before, can be highly effective in doing just that."

The campaign will run to coincide with Trust the Tractor initiative.


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