Eblex joins with chef in veal cuts venture

Eblex master butcher Dick van Leeuwen has teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Phil Howard to produce a new range of veal forequarter and offal cuts aimed at the foodservice market.

The range was unveiled during a tasting lunch at Howard’s restaurant, The Square, in London on Tuesday (4 June). The cuts include calf cheek, chuck roast, calf tail, lean mince, five-bone fore-rib and calf tongue, all of which are suitable for both traditional and sous vide cooking.

Eblex hopes the range, produced under its ‘Master Chef and Master Butcher’ product development intiative, will stimulate the market for high-welfare, UK-produced veal. The organisation pointed out that veal crates were banned in the UK in 1990 and welfare-friendly veal comes from calves raised on quality-assured farms with permanent ad-lib access to straw, feed and water.

Foodservice project manager for Eblex Hugh Judd said: “The market for quality, welfare-friendly veal is increasing – partly as a result of the positive publicity it has received in recent times. Farmer Jimmy Doherty has been particularly influential in educating the public about why they should demand welfare-friendly veal, and many top chefs are recognising that it is a wonderful, delicately flavoured meat which is just as versatile, nutritious and tasty as beef – there is so much more to it than escalopes and liver.

“As much of the veal sold in the foodservice market in this country is imported, we felt it was important to stimulate the market for quality high-welfare veal by introducing a range of affordable cuts, which will add interest to menus and, at the same time, provide good profit margins for caterers.”

Howard added: “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eblex on this project. Dick and I trialled a number of different veal cuts before settling on the final range. Personally, I am a big fan of veal and it’s a regular feature on my menu. Veal cheeks are always very popular and I was particularly impressed with lean veal mince which I can see working well on the lunch menu.”


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