Residents protest against proposed pig farm

Local residents have voiced opposition to a Midland Pig Producers pig farm in Derbyshire, which they claim would be a health risk.

In a signed letter to Derbyshire County Council, locals expressed “strong objections” to plans to build what they called an “intensive pig operation” in the Foston area. According to the Foston and Scropton Action Group, the signatures represent 100% of residents within 100m of the proposed site.

The group said its main concern about the proposed pig farm is that of “serious and unacceptable public health risks” imposed on them if it was to go ahead. “Local residents are united in recognising that Midland Pig Producers have not properly addressed concerns that harmful bio-aerosols, endotoxins and antibiotic resistant bacteria will affect the health of local residents,” a spokesperson said.

It also claimed that there was no evidence to show the planned air filtration system would prevent dangerous antibiotic-resistant organisms from escaping the site.

Meanwhile, a Midlands Pig Producers’ spokeswoman said in a statement that comparing its site to a large scale factory farm was “scaremongering”, adding: “After consultation with local residents we made some significant changes to the proposed layout of the farm which was before the application went to the council.

“Despite enthusiastic claims to the contrary, there is no UK evidence that siting a pig unit near to residential areas poses any risk at all. In fact, humans are more likely to pass bugs to pigs not the other way around. Disease is controlled by good standards of hygiene, welfare and management systems and has nothing to do with the size of the farm.”

A spokesperson from the council told “We have got a planning application that we are currently evaluating. It is hoped a decision will be made by the end of the year.

“We have had more than 20,000 letters about it [the pig farm], but everybody’s voices will be heard.”


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