NFU calls on supply chain to secure British beef

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has encouraged the British beef supply chain to work together in order to help obtain a positive outlook for the future.

In the aftermath of the horsemeat scandal, investment in production needs to be stimulated to satisfy consumers who have taken a greater interest in British beef.

NFU beef group chairman Andy Foot said: “We are keen to put more British beef on British plates, but for this we need confidence that all areas of the supply chain will work together to both minimise and share the risk for the primary producer. As farmers, we need to use this confidence to improve profitability, assess our costs and ensure we are running an efficient business.”

Foot claimed that there had “never been a better time to be a British farmer”, but said there were areas that need improvement.

He added that the industry must address inconsistent restrictions on cattle specification and, due to the tight supply, it was important that all beef available is made use of.

“For example, we have a conundrum with current market signals, leading to more breeding cows and heifers being killed, which further erodes our next-generation suckler herd,” said Foot.


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