Butchers ‘more adventurous’ on shop design

Butchers are becoming more adventurous with shop design and layout, according to director of Creative Retail Solutions Mary Irving.

According to Irving, butchers are no longer sticking to standard serve-over and counter designs. “It’s really notable how much more adventurous people are with colours,” she said.

Irving added: “I think people are feeling more confident about their own judgement. The independent sector went through a phase where it contracted and the only people left realise that the only unique difference between them and supermarkets is their individuality.”

She explained that, despite serve-overs and counters being “quite expensive”, people are more confident with design. “Refurbishing a shop is something that happens every 15 years, they plan what they are going to buy and save up for it,” Irving said.

A notable change this year, she pointed out, was a growing trend towards the number of rondells butchers were buying. “It’s basically a counter with chillers on each end, located in the middle of the shop, which can help you do promotions to break up the line of counters and to make it look a bit more individual and not so military.”

Irving said there had been a 400% rise in rondell sales this year: “They are an expensive feature, which shows how much people are investing.”


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