Perfect Night In steaks win HEFF award

The winning entry of the meat category at the Heart of England Fine Foods (HEFF) Diamond Awards 2013 was a fillet steak by Paul and Kirsty Westaway’s online retail shop Perfect Night In.

The steak is from Aberdeen Angus-cross cattle and was described by the judges as “melt in mouth”, with the “taste of truly pastured cattle” and “faultless”.

The concept of the online shop is pairing Quality Standard Mark prime steaks and rib roasts with wines from France and Italy.

Paul said: “Neither our beef nor wine is available from any other shop or supermarket. They are served mainly in big city A-list restaurants and we offer the only way these premium products are available to food enthusiasts for entertaining at home.”
The steaks are chilled to 1-2°C when posted, and include a DVD tutorial by head chef Matt Strefford on how to cook the perfect steak and roast.


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