Eblex responds to surge in burger demand

A key objective for Eblex in any product development work is to maximise use of the carcase and encourage better returns throughout the supply chain.

Responding to the steady surge in demand for fresh burgers, Eblex was quick to spot the opportunity to add value to the mince and burger markets and set about developing a range of premium-quality burgers that would promote better carcase utilisation and generate healthy gross profi ts for the industry.

With specifications already in place for Quality Standard Mark beef mince and Quality Standard Mark burgers, the potential to further enhance these and encourage shoppers to trade up comes from using alternative beef cuts.

Research has shown that mincing trim from the rump, chuck or brisket can significantly improve margin potential, as well as creating diff erent taste and texture profiles which many consumers prefer.

The four new products in Eblex’s range are: Premium Brisket Steak Burger, Premium Chuck Steak Burger, Premium Extra Lean Burger and Premium Rump Steak Burger.

Over the coming months, our Better Burger Campaign will analyse the work that Eblex has done in this area, assessing the market potential for each of the new burger products, and comparing how these perform against a standard burger. The fi ndings are fascinating and not to be missed.

To meet the Quality Standard for burgers, beef mince must be 85% visual lean prior to mincing and the minimum beef content must be 70%.


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