UKRA to restructure operations

The UK Renderers' Association (UKRA) is to restructure its management operations.

The UK Renderers' Association (UKRA) is to restructure its management operations and dispense with its traditional committee structure and replace it with a core team with technical competency.

It said the restructuring was required to better serve the needs of its 21 members and their food-chain partners.

Stephen Woodgate, head of the new UKRA Core Team, explained: "The industry represented by UKRA is a vital link in our meat production chain, and its work to add value to meat industry by-products is essential to the long term health of a wider European meat industry.

"The industry is gaining in importance and visibility, and has benefited from massive investment in recent years, both in terms of research and development, and in plant and equipment.

"By restructuring UKRA operations, the Association can continue to drive change within the industry; securing new markets for processed animal protein and new uses for by-products, and engaging in debate on biofuels and the uses of tallow," said Woodgate.

"By dispensing with the traditional committee structure, we can focus on technical advancement and regulatory affairs, reporting directly to the UKRA Council of Members."

Woodgate, a long-serving UKRA technical adviser and consultant on rendering matters throughout Europe and the US, will be joined by technical director David Green and association secretary Nikki Robertson. Alan Lawrence, who has been instrumental in the development of the UKRA for over 10 years, has remained closely associated with the organisation since stepping down from his post in December.

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