FSA takes action on Troop recommendations

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published an action plan following Professor Pat Troop’s report into the FSA’s response to the horsemeat scandal.

The plan issued by the FSA will determine how to implement Troop’s recommendations on intelligence, major incident plan, clarity of government department roles in complex incidents and the FSA’s powers, and will be considered at the board meeting on Tuesday 16 July.

Troop advised in her report that an “intelligence management system” should be developed, to which the FSA has responded by creating an intelligence hub by December this year.

The FSA will further work with the European Commission for sampling programmes, as Troop advised the sampling programmes need to be delivered by the industry rather than just the FSA and local authorities.

By consulting its key partners, the agency also plans to develop a major incident plan, as recommended by Troop.

Further Troop recommendations taken on board by the FSA include social media support, authenticity, building relationships with police, and so on.

The FSA also announced that it will work with Professor Chris Elliott in his independent review of Britain’s food system in the light of the scandal.

His work will examine causes of the systematic failure, roles and responsibilities of businesses through the supply chain and how to improve consumer confidence.

Troop’s initial report into the FSA’s handling of the horsemeat scandal found that there was a degree of “hesitancy” in its response.

Despite the negative findings and hesitant views from some people, she said the agency did act on the scandal early.


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