Bangers for Boris

Sausage manufacturer Debbie & Andrews has come up with a bizarre new way to boost sausage sales - a range of healthy sausage-based recipes for Boris Johnson.

The London Mayor has been on a health kick since telling journalists at last year's Bejing Olympics that he hoped to shed a stone in weight by the next general election. Debbie & Andrew Keeble decided to offer their assistance after they heard that Johnson's questionable eating habits included copious quantities of bangers & mash washed down with red wine.

Keen to show the meat-loving mayor that he could lose pounds without losing the sausages, Debbie has devised a series of leaner sausage-based recipes that can be enjoyed guilt-free as part of a healthy diet.

Johnson said: "I am flattered that these healthier sausage recipes have been inspired by my pronounced intention to lose a stone this year. Anything that can help me to achieve this goal whilst still tucking into my favourite grub is a real bonus. I hope that this leaner, meaner banger helps a small business to thrive in tough economic times as well."

By following the recipes, Johnson will also be doing his bit to support the British pig industry. Debbie and Andrew use only high-welfare British pork in their sausages and pioneered the UK's first fair price scheme for British pig farmers.

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