Survey reveals lack of knowledge on farming and food

One in 10 people have tasted “chicken trotters”, while 8% believe they have tried “pigs’ wings”, while others think pigs fly and chickens trot, a survey from the RSPCA has indicated.

The new survey, which was carried out by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme, revealed that some people do not know the basics of food or farming. This lack of knowledge comes despite more than 70% of those asked in the One Poll survey, to mark Farm Animal Week, saying they had visited a real working farm.

As a result, Freedom Foods said it was time people reconnected with where their food comes from, as well as the lives of the animals that produce it.

Freedom Food chief executive David Squair said: “There is no ‘might’ about it; some people actually think pigs do fly and chickens trot, so I’m not sure what animals they have seen when visiting farms. But all jokes aside, this is worrying.

“The majority of farm animals are kept in conditions that don’t fully meet their welfare needs. If people knew more about the provenance of the food they eat and the lives of the animals that produce it, they would be more likely to care about how those animals are looked after.”


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