Safety body highlights vulnerability of young workers

The British Safety Council (BSC) has warned that the first few months of starting a new job poses the highest risk of getting injured and has urged new employers to take great care of young workers.

Many young people are either starting new jobs or summer jobs to gain valuable skills and experience at this time of year.

However, due to lack of experience, confidence, physical capability, skills, knowledge or failure of employers to provide sufficient training, these young workers are especially vulnerable to injuries.

Chief executive officer at BSC Alex Botha explained: “Leadership is key in preventing injury to a young person at the start of their working life. Organisations need to ensure that safe and healthy work practices are the rule and they have a culture that promotes and values safe behaviour.

“The first step is to plan ahead and establish what the risks are - risks from lifting, working at height, using machinery, moving around the site, inhalation of dust, are the most common ones. Then using the knowledge of experienced staff decide how best to control these risks including through the provision of relevant training. Do check that young people have understood what they have been taught.”

Botha further stated that the BSC will prioritise reducing the risk of these injuries and explained that BSC has worked with schools to raise awareness and created a website with helpful information. “I strongly advise employers to check out the resources we have made freely available,” he added

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