Butcher on Manchester radio channel

Butcher Lee Frost has become a regular guest at XFM Manchester, speaking about butchery, cooking and current affairs.

Frost has a five- to six-minute slot every Friday between 08.30-09.00 with radio presenters Jim and Kim, who are customers of the shop and followed him on Twitter before getting in touch.

“It started out when they sent me an email about six weeks ago, because they knew I have a very successful business and have many famous customers coming into the shop,” said Frost.

His business supplies many restaurants and hotels around Manchester and often gets visits from Coronation Street celebrities, local bands and “people off the news”, he explained.

“At first they wanted me to recommend meat for the weekend, how to cook it and what meat would be good at this time of year, but as it progressed, that got put a bit to the back. They then started asking me about current affairs and what’s happened in the business lately, and we throw in a bit of humour and gags too,” said Frost.

Being featured on the programme for the last five weeks, Frost does not yet know if this will be a permanent slot.

Despite not having increased sales because of it, he explained that some customers come in and mention having heard him on the radio.

“It creates a bit of interest,” he said. “Just today when I was out delivering orders, some people were shouting about the radio show from across the road.”


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