Sheep farmers urged to sell in-spec sheep

Eblex has advised sheep farmers not to sell lambs until they are finished, after the sheep industry experienced a 25% in market prices.

Among Eblex’s recommendations, it suggested not selling under-finished stock, checking what the market was doing via the latest prices on Eblex website, setting a reserve price and not feeling obligated to sell unless the mark was met and taking advice from graders.

There are several reasons for this major drop, including 30% extra lambs coming to market from one week compared to the next, and a drop in demand due to hot weather and the start of Ramadan.

Eblex chairman John Cross said: “This has been an incredibly big drop, but the drivers for it are fairly clear and understandable. We would expect the market to calm down. A number of factors conspired to make it happen, but producers need to have clear marketing strategies and stick to them. With so many lambs coming forward at the same time, it is inevitable it will negatively affect the market price. Marketing of the stock must be done in a careful, informed way.”

National selection specialist for Eblex Steve Powdrill added: “It is vital to draft your lambs correctly and make sure they are at their optimum in order to maximise your return. It is also important that producers know what is required of them. As such I would advise that they attend one of Eblex’s Live to Dead marketing days, available for free through the Better Returns Programme.”


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