Pork specialist creates Christmas sausage

Maynard’s Farm, based in Shropshire, has created a new sausage with prunes, smoked bacon and pork, called the Devil on Horseback Sausage.

The new sausage is designed for the Christmas season and was the brainchild of Rob Cunningham, who aimed for a festive flavour.

Cunningham commented: “I am delighted that we have been able to develop the new pork, prune and oak-smoked bacon sausage – our version of the traditional favourite, devils on horseback. We enjoyed experimenting with the flavours, as they work so well together.

“The sweetness of the prune and the smokey flavours of the bacon add that extra something to our traditional pork sausage – a tasty combination that can be used for many occasions throughout the Christmas holidays.”


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