Help turn around decline in self-sufficiency, urges NFU

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has urged the public to help stop the decline in self-sufficiency by supporting British farming.

The call was made by the NFU after it was made evident that the UK produces only 62% of its own food, despite One Poll revealing that 78% of consumers think supermarkets should source more British food.

Forty-two per cent of the consumers surveyed further claimed they were more likely to buy more traceable food produced on British farms.

The NFU claimed that if all the food produced in Britain in a year was stored and eaten from 1 January, today is the day supplies would run out.

NFU president Peter Kendall said it was alarming to think that food supplies would run out today if this were the case. “As an industry we have had a challenging decade, but the realisation has dawned that, as a nation, we cannot simply go around the world chasing the cheapest deal for our food.”

He stressed the importance of backing British farmers, considering the UK’s great natural capacity and right technologies.

“We have the right technologies to produce more from less, with precision-farming helping to target fertiliser and crop protection products within centimetres. Laser technology can even pinpoint an individual weed, improving accuracy and efficiency.

“Crops grown under cover help to lengthen the season for our British fruits. But there is more to do to empower our farmers to enable them to make the most of our natural resources and feed our growing nation,” he claimed.

Agreeing with Prime Minister David Cameron, who last week said “farmers are the backbone of Britain”, Kendall said: “I am immensely proud of British farming, and I urge everyone who cares about British food to sign our pledge, being launched today, to ensure this British industry thrives.”


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